Class TokenMgrError

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        public static final int LEXICAL_ERROR
        Lexical error occurred.
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        public static final int STATIC_LEXER_ERROR
        An attempt was made to create a second instance of a static token manager.
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        public static final int INVALID_LEXICAL_STATE
        Tried to change to an invalid lexical state.
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        public static final int LOOP_DETECTED
        Detected (and bailed out of) an infinite loop in the token manager.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • TokenMgrError

        public TokenMgrError()
        No arg constructor.
      • TokenMgrError

        public TokenMgrError​(String message,
                             int reason)
        Constructor with message and reason.
      • TokenMgrError

        public TokenMgrError​(boolean EOFSeen,
                             int lexState,
                             int errorLine,
                             int errorColumn,
                             String errorAfter,
                             int curChar,
                             int reason)
        Full Constructor.
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      • getMessage

        public String getMessage()
        You can also modify the body of this method to customize your error messages. For example, cases like LOOP_DETECTED and INVALID_LEXICAL_STATE are not of end-users concern, so you can return something like : "Internal Error : Please file a bug report .... " from this method for such cases in the release version of your parser.
        getMessage in class Throwable